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Classics for a new era of believers

Dr. David Chilton’s works have been some of the most influential within the reformed world. Those who have witnessed a decay of unbiblical eschatology have found a haven of rest in his work.

Rev. David Chilton

Rev. David Chilton was a prolific writer and pastor for years not to mention beloved husbands and father.


Listen to his sermons

Rev David Chilton has a lot of unreleased sermons that have been provided for by his family. We will be posting them here for your enjoyment.


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Finding more and more unreleased sermons available in video form will be posted here as well.

Photos of his life

A great gift has been provided to the Chilton center by way of previously unreleased photos soon to come.


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Read regular snippets of his work and writing.

Get updates and short post about all he wrote about right here.


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Sermon 1 (coming soon)

Audio here


Sermon 1 (coming soon)

Audio here


Sermon 1 (coming soon)

Audio here


Sermon 1 (coming soon)

Audio here


Sermon 1 (coming soon)

Audio here


Baptism Part 1

Baptism part 2

Committed to The Word

The Chilton Center is also committed to preserving his legacy

Sermon Series

We are committed to promoting the life of Dr. David Chilton and his passion for the gospel.

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