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About the Center

About the Chilton Center

The Rev. David Harold Chilton Center for Reformed Theology was founded in 2013, to further the scholarship of the late Rev. David H. Chilton (1951–1997).

The Chilton Center is committed to preserving the Chiltonian legacy  through a publically accessible digital archive of Rev. Chilton’s writing and sermons. Our center is home to a collections of books, newsletters, sermon notes, photographs and audio recordings. These form a superb resource for research and teaching Biblically Reformed theology.

The Chilton Center Goals

  • to preserve and develop the collections in our care.
  • to make the collections accessible to pastoral, academic, and public audiences.
  • to cultivate the Chiltonian legacy in theology, liturgical arts, eschatology, and economics.

Our Center Contributors

The Steven Macias Family, Founder
The Kyle Shepherd Family, Curator
The Nathan Chilton Family , Contributor
The Steven Friedrich Family, Contributor
The Greg Fisher Family, Contributor
The John Pekarek Family, Contributor
The Birken Vogt Family, Contributor