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About The Great Tribulation

Are we living in the Last Days? Are the signs of our times the Signs of the End? Is the Great Tribulation just around the corner?
For almost three generations evangelical Christians have answered these questions with an unequivocal “YES”!
In this challenging new book by David Chilton, all the prophetic passages of Scripture dealing with the End Times are re-examined with careful attention to every revealing detail. And his conclusions are nearly as startling as the prophesies themselves.
The Great Tribulation is the kind of sane, balanced, and easy to understand introduction to End Times theology that Christians have needed from a long, long time.

For centuries, Christian have sought to interpret the Bible’s scriptural meaning – often erroneously assigning modern ideology to scriptural passages. This is perhaps the most comprehensive and easily understood writing available on this cataclysmic event “which so many Christians are awaiting.” As Chilton proves however, it will be a long wait, since this event occurred in A.D. 70. This book is also an excellent tool for modern man in learning how Scripture interprets Scripture.

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Download The Great Tribulation